Meet Carol

Carol lives fifteen miles north of Silicon Valley in Redwood City with her husband and her 10.5 pound poodle.

Since she first played “War” (a type of dodge ball) with a boy new to her otherwise all-white grade school, Carol’s been crossing cultural bridges: to Asians, Africans, Europeans and Central Americans…

A variety of contexts — friendships, schooling, work, reading, and marriage — have provided room for exploration, raising curiosity about how others inhabit the world, and fueling her writing.

Her husband of ~twenty-six years hails from Hawaii. At his elementary school in Manoa Valley, blonds were few.


For nearly three decades Carol has taught English as a Second Language, spiced with substitute teaching in third to eighth grade classrooms. Along with helping students to comprehend spoken English, complex grammar and vocabulary, and improve their accents, Carol helps students understand varying assumptions and manners of western versus eastern cultures.