Favorite Reads

Some Favorite Reads

Experiencing Another Culture through Story

Contemporary, Or Almost
Gina Oschner (contemporary stories an novels set in Russia or Eastern Europe)
Fyodor Dostoevsky (classic Russian author)
Chris Cleave, Little Bee (contemporary; a Nigerian teen and a British family collide)
Bo Caldwell (two novels: Shanghai during WW II and Northern China in the early 1900?s)
Gail Tsukiyama (novels set in various Asian countries)
Katherine Shonk, The Red Passport (set in post-soviet Russia)
Jhumpa Lahiri (contemporary; primarily set in the U.S. with characters of Indian origins)
Abraham Verghese, Cutting for Stone (contemporary; set in Ethiopia, characters of various cultures)
Khaled Hosseini (his first two novels focus on Afghan characters in Afghanistan and the U.S.)
Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha (historical, set before and after WWI)
Jeff Talarigo, The Pearl Diver (1948 Japan)
Yasunari Kawabata (Pulizter prize winner; beautiful, sparse novels are translated from Japanese, without understanding assumption of Japanese culture, much meaning will be missed)
Tony Hillerman (mysteries set in the southwest, featuring Navajos)
Barry Eisler (mysteries, some set in Asia with Asian characters)

On Culture (Non-Fiction):
Patty Lane, A Beginners Guide to Crossing Cultures: Making Friends in a Multi Cultural World
Edwin O. Reischauer, Japan: The Story of A Nation
Michael Zielenziger, Shutting Out the Sun: How Japan Created Its Own Lost Generation
Haru Yamada, Different Games, Different Rules: Why Americans and Japanese Misunderstand Each Other
Nancy Sakamoto and Reiko Naotsuka
, Polite Fictions: Why Japanese and Americans Seem Rude to Each Other
Polly Platt, French or Foe: Getting the Most Out of Visiting, Living and Working in France
Sally Adamson Taylor
, Culture Shock! France: A Guide to Customs and Etiquette

General Fiction Favorites

Tobias Wolff
Ann Tyler
Robert Clark
Joyce Carol Oates
Fyodoro Dostoevsky
Flannery O?Connor
Eudora Welty
Raymond Carver
Ernest Hemingway
Willa Cather
C.S. Lewis