Publications Visible On-line:

  • Short Story “Brewing” in Birdland Journal
  • Short-short fiction:  “Fading” in Harpoon Review
  • Blogs at Black Fox Literary Magazine:  “Practicing the Literary Arts” and   “Keeping the Writer in You Fed”

Print Publications:

  • Short Story “How to Spot One” in Irrational Fears ISBN 978-0692498125 (FTB Press, 2015) [amazon]
  • Short Short
  • Poetry: “Caged in Season” Spring 2017 Minerva Rising
  • Poetry: Slant (a journal of poetry published by University of Central Arkansas)
  • Review of a poetry collection, In the Margins, 2018 Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry

On-line Publications – unfortunately, no longer supported

  • Fiction in Inigo – a on-line literary journal
  • Two poems in Cordoba – a website created by a Pacific School of Theology as part of her graduate thesis
  • Fiction in The East Bay Review